Cold Emailing and Personal Finance Friend

On being grateful: I am trying to break into a new industry.

And this means a lot of cold emailing.

Half of the cold emailing leads to no response, but for the other half, I have met — and continue to meet — some wonderful folks who have allowed me to pick their brain on how they entered the industry.

Most importantly, I have learned to (1) separate the risks inherent in the business from the risks worth addressing and mitigating and (2) demonstrate that business of the company is my specialty.

Which Leads Me To . . .

On being frugal: I am somewhat of a personal finance freak.

I love numbers, I love reading about others’ financial decisions, and I love learning about the motivation behind those decisions.

I rarely, if ever, go into the depths of my love of personal finance outside of my family. In our world, talking about personal finance with friends is typically a no-no, and females talking about personal finance is looked upon with even greater skepticism.

Last week, though, I found out that a close friend of mine (also female) shares my love for all things personal finance. We shared our mentalities on personal finance, and I sent her a couple of blogs that I regularly read to increase my interest in and knowledge of personal finance.


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