Cold Emailing and Personal Finance Friend

On being grateful: I am trying to break into a new industry.

And this means a lot of cold emailing.

Half of the cold emailing leads to no response, but for the other half, I have met — and continue to meet — some wonderful folks who have allowed me to pick their brain on how they entered the industry.

Most importantly, I have learned to (1) separate the risks inherent in the business from the risks worth addressing and mitigating and (2) demonstrate that business of the company is my specialty.

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Existing But Not Living

I haven’t posted in the past few weeks. I started this blog with the intention of blogging every Wednesday, but after my last post, I started to feel things were getting forced. That is, I was writing just to meet the every Wednesday goal, not that I had something meaningful to write and share.

Existing but not living.

That has been my past few weeks. A few ups, but mostly disappointments. And in the midst of those disappointments, I lost my desire to write. I am still in somewhat of a fog, but writing has become somewhat of a catharsis, and I want to get back on the horse.

Starting next week, I plan to re-establish the once-a-week post and share my Grateful and Frugal journey going forward.