Habits and Vegetables

On being grateful: I am grateful that I am (slowly) learning the importance of good habits. Paraphrasing something I have heard recently: what gets measured usually gets managed. On the personal finance front, I sit down each month to track what is coming in versus what is going out.

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Tuna Salad and Free Sandwiches

On being grateful: Thank you to the deli clerk at my local grocery store who made the tuna salad sandwich for me today. I loved watching you make the tuna salad from scratch and was even more grateful when I started eating the sandwich, and saw you had given me extra helpings of the tuna salad.

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Trusting My Gut and Thrift Store Shopping

On being grateful: I am grateful that I am (slowly!) learning how to trust my gut more often. Take what happened a few weeks ago.

I was considering hiring a vendor for a personal project. This project is something that I can do myself, but from friends who have undertaken similar projects, I had heard that it’s easier to work with someone that does this type of thing for a living. With that in mind, I emailed a vendor, and his response gave me a bit of pause, but nothing that was too out of the ordinary. We arranged a call where I gave him the specifications of the project, and at the end of the call, he made a remark that indicated something was definitely off. Long story short, I have decided to undertake the project myself and not outsource it to anyone. While it would be nice to have help on this project, I am grateful that I caught wind of the vendor’s style of business early on – and doubly grateful for the reminder that no one cares more about me than I do.

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Anticipation and Control

On being grateful: I am grateful that I am re-learning the joy of anticipation. And just anticipating something is as meaningful to me as actually experiencing that something. As a kid, I loved my monthly McDonalds visit for the happy meal toy. As much as I loved the actual experience of McDonalds, I also looked forward to that time of the month when I knew that in the next few days, a McDonalds visit was just around the corner.

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