Square Footage and Minimalism

On being grateful: There are days where I wish I could buy property in my city, but I am grateful that I am learning to appreciate what I already have. I live in a rather spacious apartment: over 700 square feet of living space for 1 person. While I do hope to one day become a homeowner, I love the neighborhood that I live in; I love that it’s less than 30 minutes away from work; and I love how my favorite restaurants are right outside my doorstep.

Which Leads Me To . . .

On being frugal: I still live like a student. Looking around my apartment, I have a dining table, a computer table, and a bed. No couch, no coffee table, no Pottery Barn purchases. This minimalist lifestyle – something that I didn’t set out to achieve and something that probably won’t be feasible in the long run – suits me perfectly right now.

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