Okay With Okay and Nearly Free Purchases

On being grateful: I am horrible at living in the moment. For most of each day, I am wishing I was somewhere else. Somewhere other than my current geographic location, somewhere other than the current phase of my personal life, and somewhere other than the current stage of my professional life. Recently though (and this is something that I am re-learning each day), I have learned how to be grateful that things in my life – while not perfect – are okay, and on most days, more than okay.

Which Leads Me To . . .

On being frugal: “Spend at least $5, get $5 off your total purchase,” read a coupon that I recently found online. I love coupons like these – and last weekend, a local department store offered it. Now, every time I come across this type of coupon, I spend only the minimum amount, so I end up spending close to nothing. This past weekend, I picked up a large storage container that was originally marked at $15, discounted on sale at $6, and then with my $5 coupon, I paid – after taxes – a hair over $1 for it.

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