Television and More Television

On being grateful: I am grateful that a few months ago, I finally brought myself a TV. In my high school years, I was a total TV junkie – I loved watching the news, sitcoms (Friends, how I missed you!), and my favorite, college and pro football. Several years after high school, I finally have a TV again. It is not the biggest nor flashiest of televisions, but it is nice to know that when the Super Bowl comes this year, I will be able to enjoy it from the comfort of my living room.

Which Leads Me To . . . 

On being frugal: After buying the aforementioned TV, I realized I needed a place to put it, so I went shopping for a TV stand. The TV stands at the big box stores ran a few hundred dollars and didn’t really fit with the layout of my apartment. I wandered over to the thrift store next door and saw a gorgeous beige stand (albeit with a few nicks) for $30. The thrift store was running a half-off everything sale that day, so the stand would only cost $15. As I went to talk to the manager about paying for the stand, he indicated that it was sold only part of a set. That is, if I wanted to buy the stand, I needed to buy the entire set for $200. I really didn’t need the other items, so I left the store a bit disheartened. Coming back home, I realized I had a couple of empty moving boxes lying around. I positioned the boxes to make sure the TV would be stable on top of them, covered the boxes with a mahogany-colored cloth, and set the TV on top. Now is this setup as aesthetically pleasing as the stand that I wanted? No. Is it fully functional? You betcha.

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