Books and Grocery Shopping

On being grateful: I learned a lot about myself in 2013. Specifically, I learned how grateful I am to have (re)discovered the joys of reading. I read several non-fiction books last year, especially in the career and personal finance categories. And I’m hoping to continue that trend this year.

Which Leads Me To . . . 

On being frugal: I went grocery shopping yesterday to stock up for the new year. I silently high-fived myself when I found organic milk, regularly priced at $6.49, marked down to $0.99. Prior to paying, I mentally calculated how much my groceries would cost – and rounding up on each item, I estimated that the final tally should be no more than $25.  After the cashier finished ringing up my final item, the amount came to $25.47.  After I paid, but before I left the store, I went over my receipt and found that the cashier had rung up the milk at regular price. I went back to the cashier to point out the discrepancy – and received $5.50 back. 

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